Lara Giordano


Welcome to my work.  Here you will find examples of the work I do as an artist and a teacher.  I have been making art my entire life and have been teaching for over 20 years.   This path is one of constant discovery and expression. I hope you enjoy what you find here.                                                 







The Pop Up Gallery Group began as an idea to get students involved in mid-town, through the arts.  Thanks to the generosity of the City of Kingston and the Kingston City School District, an after school program was formed, to teach students the ins and outs of gallery management. Students are tasked with installing Pop Up galleries, in empty storefronts on Broadway, in Kingston.  The Goal is to highlight our homegrown art scene, by showing the artwork of Kingston High School alumni, who continue to make art in our area.

Our first Pop Up highlights the work of Amy and Scott Ackerman.  Both brother and sister graduated from Kingston High School. Scott graduated in 2000, Amy in 2003.  Both were art majors at KHS.

Pop Up Students have been learning how to collect, curate, install, publicize and archive the work. 

Scott and Amy AckermanPOP_UP.html